Catherine’s Diary (43): 15 to 24 February 2021


Two envelopes from Catherine arrived last Friday. The first made the Postman laugh. It was addressed to Isabella (for your eyes only). Isabella is the cat. Inside was a ‘Chinese New Year of the Ox’ quiz (Trivia Questions). On the back of the envelope was a message “No answers for you Isabella, you’re a genius” Isabella did very well without any help from humans. The second envelope had a message on the back “Whenever I write the word ‘Grove’, I think of romance. I can imagine a couple meeting for a tryst, in the not so distant past. Thank you to the Postal Workers, Wheelie and Food Bin people, doctors and nurses, for all your work that you do for us. And Sainsbury, Tesco, Wilko, Boots and Iceland”. Personally, I think Catherine has an amazing imagination if she sees a tryst going on in my street.

Week Beginning 15 February 2021

New system this week. Up at 6.30am, feed ‘The Gang’ priority, then tea, breakfast, pills, text messages to four people. Clean the cat trays, take recycling outside. Back to bed for two hours. Though the mist around my head is now clearing, the new pills still make me very tired.

Monday, walked to the post box and posted the Diary, nice sunny day. Monday night I had a surprise present from Amanda, a Sherpa blanket, purple and white, my favourite colours and so warm. I reckon the Sherpas must have used them, when they camped out on Everest. Well, it would have been cold there. I put it away every night; don’t want the cats clawing at it. Over the weekend I received a new Egg Slicer, three new Sieves and a Knife Sharpener (ready for my joint of beef, thin slices here I come) It’s only two days ago and I can’t remember what I did Tuesday, diary entry empty. The only thing I knew I must have done is think of ‘D’ words. It’s consuming my life, this Alphabet Game. Wednesday, Wheelie Bin day, also a walk to the local shop for a paper and some shopping.

Going mad, thought I would reset my pendulum clock, felt pleased with myself that I had done it, till I sat down and realised it’s an hour behind!! Ah well, it’s bound to stop again then I’ll have another go. Went to town with Sue today, visited Iceland (not the country)!, Savers and Boots, nice break from the house. Now back to thinking of my last ‘Ds’.

21 February 2021

A miracle happened, no one witnessed but me, a new potato rolled off an egg box, along the Formica and straight into the front pocket of my cardigan. Today, I had a Big Pensioner Moment. I had convinced myself it was Monday, thinking I had to charge my phone for the 3.40pm appointment with the GP. Jennie texted to see if she could pop round (outside) for a chat. Odd, I thought, she would be at work. I even told her she was wrong about the date, till I checked the phone. Jennie said I had gained a day, as it was Sunday. I was frightened I was going mad. I said to Amanda, should I go back to bed, and start again. Amanda did a quiz, asking me what I had done on certain days of the week, what items were in my delivery, what I watched on TV last night. I passed the test, not quite mad yet!

Part 2 of the Phone Saga: Saturday, I took some photos, mostly of soft toys and cat food, under Amanda’s tutelage, she managed to stay calm most of the time. Barbara texted and asked if there was a photo coming. I could feel her anticipation of something about to happen!! Amanda said I was to take more, when I was on my own, not confident yet. Wade said if anything goes wrong, turn the phone right off and it will be ok. Second thing that happened, I got up from my chair, holding my phone and it turned sideways. Panic. How was I going to turn it back? As I stood up straight, it turned back automatically, thank goodness. Getting on well with punctuation, and I now know how to do capital letters. Don’t know how to delete messages yet. I can do FaceTime, Barbara. Your face was a picture. When I did it to you, you looked shocked! Ha ha

23 February 2021

Last night no sleep between 2 and 5am. When I did manage some sleep, I dreamt I was being injected in the head! Today, down to the doctors to get blood test forms, bussed into town, bought a card and paper in Tescos. I miss the card shops, might have to resort to notelets, if I can find them. Home at 12pm, Tilly and Tinker waiting for lunch, then it’s upstairs for their afternoon siesta. My next hurdle was making my first phone call with code and numbers. I needed to book an appointment at the hospital for blood tests. Gingerly pressed the keypad sign, up the numbers came and I got through straight away. Thursday 10.25am. Happy I had done it alright, really nervous about doing it. Off to bed now, hope to get a better night’s sleep.

24 February 2021

At long last Christopher, you have got the gist of the Alphabet game. It’s about describing your day, the weather, good morning with one letter, which this week is ‘E’. No more fantasy (and, yes, I have been guilty of that in the past), I think we all have.

I’m following Amanda’s advice for a change, I’m drinking a lot more water to help my digestive system and it’s working brilliantly. Bruce used to call Amanda ‘Doctor W….’, as she knows a lot!

It’s a beautiful sunny day here, still a chilly wind. In the garden, the little cyclamen have gone mad, even stretching to the lawn.

I have had to resort to sticking a notice on the glass door, asking if I have locked the front door. It happened again last Tuesday, left it unlocked from 9am to 11pm, good job I checked it as I went up to bed. Tinker’s developed another habit, jumping on the toilet lid and on to the shelf above it. I hope one day she doesn’t do it, when the lid is up. There will be an almighty splash and a dishevelled looking cat!

Well, I’m off to post this Diary, a birthday card and a quiz for the genius cat Isabella. Home to think up some more ‘E’s. Bye for now.

Today’s tea towel reflects Catherine’s love of purple, in the form of a poem, my favourite poem.

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