Catherine’s Diary (44): 24 February to 3 March 2021


Two envelopes this week. The first is addressed to ‘Isabella (for your eyes only)’ and on the back is a message ‘If you look sharpish Isabella, you can go online and go in for the competition and win a cookery book’. Bearing in mind that Isabella is the cat and the competition is a crossword, this is an interesting idea. However, Liz has helped Isabella with the crossword and entered the competition. Neither are sure about the cookery book though. On the front of the envelope the word ‘Grove’ is circled with the question “Do olives grow there?”. I suspect the Postal Worker thinks we’re bonkers in this house.

The second envelope (with Diary) has on the back “Can you and Liz text with two hands? I tried but it’s so difficult. Thank you Postal People”. And so to the Diary:

24 February 2021

Last meal at 7pm, drinking plenty of water, that fills you up, ready for blood test tomorrow. I was struggling with the ‘E’ at the beginning of the week (first text of the day has to use as many words as possible beginning with ‘E’) but now I’m doing really well. I think I will miss them. This evening I had a text message from Pam. I thought it was my sister-in-law but it was a friend of Amanda’s. On my part it’s slow going, can’t text fast on this new phone, nor able to use two hands. Pam said I can text anytime, practice makes perfect.

25 February 2021

Amanda texted me at 5.30am, didn’t want to oversleep. Switched heating on, fed cats, drinking more water, curbs the hunger. Arrived at the hospital at 10am, new booking-in system, all computerised now. Luck was in, the nurse booked me in. On the wall is a screen, your name goes on it in orange. When it turns green, it’s your turn to have the blood test. All clever stuff you know! Even though I told them I was on a blood thinner, it still bled a bit. Taxi home, had my cereal plus tea by 11.30am. Very happy to be home, especially as I got myself in a tizz this morning about it. Silly me. Two friends texted and asked how I got on. Before it was dark I fed the birds and strolled round the garden. New life is emerging, daffodils, hellebore, cyclamen.

28 February 2021

Sue phoned for a chat. She mentioned a neighbour, who lived up the road, had passed away today. I thought I must tell Bruce and Christine but, of course, I can’t. I felt a ‘loss’ about it. We all knew John, he used to work at Hayters (they make lawn mowers). Bruce had an agency job there, as a cleaner. I phoned Amanda to tell her though she didn’t know John. Amanda said “you can tell Bruce and Christine in your mind” which is true but I wanted to tell someone ‘live’.

1 March 2021

I’ve been watching the Food Channel, Jamie Oliver, that’s why I sent Barbara some cooking questions! I did something today, that I’ve only done once in my life, it was nerve racking. I renewed my Garden Service Collection, had to give my card details over the phone. Luckily the gentleman had a calming voice. He said we will help you through it. Afterwards I thought, how easy was that! Amanda sent a “Well done x”, made me happy.

2 March 2021

Out of sync this morning. Should have kept to my system and stayed up. Instead, after cat feeding, I took my tea upstairs to drink. I put the heater on in the bathroom then laid on the bed. I didn’t sleep but I was reminiscing to myself about the things hanging on my bedroom walls. My memories. Pictures of my first dog Peppy, one of Tinker, Amanda in her wedding dress, two ‘Stargate’ prints. I love the series ‘Stargate’ si-fi. The ornament hanging was an angel from Christine with my name on it, a key ring with a cycle from Amanda. A long time ago, I did ‘spinning’. We had race days once a month. Amanda set me a target of 10.5km, took an hour but I got there. The camaraderie in Amanda’s classes is fantastic.

Amanda and I went by coach to Ireland one year. The crossing was horrific. A man told us to sit in the middle of the ship and suck Barley Sugar; that would help with the sea sickness. To cut a long story short, Amanda and I visited Waterford. I bought an angel and Amanda a sea horse. They live above my door. As long as her pictures and sea horse are here, I still feel Amanda is around. Off to bed, eyes are tired, written my ‘F’ text for tomorrow and back to my system.

3 March 2021

Up at 7am, back in my system, fed the cats and made tea for myself. I couldn’t understand why Tilly and Tinker weren’t tucking into their breakfast. I thought they were being picky again. It wasn’t until I opened the curtains I realised I had given them the wrong food. Let’s face it, in the dark, all cat food looks the same. I swopped them over and they tucked into their plates at top speed.

Texted my alphabet messages, wait in anticipation to see what the replies would be. Other people I text good morning to are Sue, Brian, Ambrose (Linda’s cat), Pam, Amanda’s friend and, of course, Amanda. It brings me happiness to hear the ‘ping’ of the phone.”

It seemed a somewhat abrupt end to the Diary so I don’t know if she forgot to put in the last page or whether that’s it‽ The tea towel today is from Ireland in reference to the story about Ireland (And it has Waterford on it).

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