Catherine’s Diary (46): 19 to 31 March 2021


It seems like a long time since I posted a ‘Diary’. There was a bit of a hitch, in that the Broadband stopped working and, once ignited by a new Router, my iPad decided to freeze (but only because I forgot to charge the keyboard. Sometimes I hate technology). Two envelopes from Catherine arrived on the same day. The first was addressed to Isabella “For your eyes only”. Isabella is the cat. On the back of the envelope was a message “Isabella, a completely different crossword. When you sit on your mother’s lap, I hope you take in what’s on the television and are not dozing off, though you could turn the crossword over and do the Number Crunchers. Are you good at Maths? Thank you Postal Workers”. Isabella tried the crossword and it was impossible because at present we are only watching ‘NCIS’ and ‘Criminal Minds’.

The message on the second envelope, addressed to me, said “No Brussel sprouts to report, into cabbage and carrots. Managed to use Tipex twice, forgot I’d bought it. Thank you Postal Workers”. What more can I say‽

19 March 2021

Boots to collect glasses and medication. The Pharmacist asked how I was getting on with the new pills. She said to make sure I have a blood test after three months and if I cut myself and I bleed for more than 10 minutes, I need to get to the hospital. I told her that she seemed to be more concerned about me than my doctor. I always thank her for her concern. Duct tape is holding the blanket; it’s doing it’s job. It’s 9.45pm and the cats are gathering for their last meal at 10pm. They know their times.

20 March 2021

Salted Caramel Brownies arrived, birthday treat from Amanda, very rich. Glitch on TV, sign came up ‘No signal, check your antenna’. Well I could hardly get a ladder and climb on the roof! Ah well, television is having a rest.

21 March 2021

Amanda phoned to do my census online, another glitch. When we said goodbye our phones wouldn’t part. What a panic I got in. Pressed a couple of buttons, nothing happened. I could hear Amanda saying “find a way, find a way”. I remember Wade saying once, if in doubt turn the phone right off. Well I tried it but the bloody phone wouldn’t switch off. I did notice a thin green line at the top of the screen. Not seen it before. Amanda said “Press it”. I did and the link broke, thank goodness. I almost wished I had my old phone back but then I couldn’t send the Emojis which I love, and am getting addicted to. Now I know how to take photos and send them, lots of Tinker and Tilly and receiving pictures of the family (though not of you Barbara and your wrinkles yet). I have Amanda’s seven cats, Lindy’s Ambrose whose face is not unlike Isabella’s. Perhaps they had the same ancestors, you never know. I’m happy to announce Amanda and Wade had their first vaccine and I’m having my second one on 6 April 2021

23 March 2021

Phone call from the doctor at 8.30am. Pill review and results of the blood tests which I already knew but the doctor still wanted to go through them again. Kidney function good, cholesterol and thyroid all fine. Nearly three months of not drinking and the enzyme count on my liver is coming down, all good news. Another shock surprise, Amanda texted me and said that last September I had done over 360 texts but this January I had done over 1600. I was flabbergasted. I think Amanda was too and I still only text with one hand, can’t use two. I thought at first it was because of our Alphabet Game, but we didn’t start till 24 January 2021.

24 March 2021

I had a lot of exposure to fresh air today. First, I went and posted two birthday cards before 9am, then a walk to the paper shop. Delivery arrived at 12.30pm. It was supposed to be all cat food but Amanda ordered extra bits. I ended up having a roast dinner which I enjoyed. Must have boosted my energy levels, out to the garden and mowed the back lawn and sent photos of grass cuttings to family and friends, makes a change from the LPs I’ve been sending. I had a rest then at 4.30pm, down the road again, for milk. I have to say on the field near the path, the Hawthorn Trees are in full blossom, pink and white flowers, absolutely beautiful. I should sleep well tonight with all this fresh air.

25 March 2021

Very late to bed last night, up at 6.30am to put food bin out again, not collected yesterday. Can’t leave it out as we have foxes visiting. Fed all the cats, made tea and took it upstairs. Did my messages and decided to go back to sleep, too early to stay up. I woke up again at 10.30am, must have needed the sleep. Puts you out though for the rest of the day.

Amanda’s cat, Rocky, had to go to the vets because he hasn’t been eating. He had two injections and a blood test. Should know the results by Friday. He has started eating again but not a lot. Our cats can’t tell us what’s wrong. I hope Rocky perks up soon. Had some good news. Our Club is opening up again on 27 April 2021. Looking forward to meeting friends again, especially Jenny who runs it, and of course Mary who is also one of our Alphabet Team.

Isabella, you can look forward also to more quizzes!!

26 March 2021

Town with Sue. (It certainly wasn’t a busy day today!!)

27 March 2021

A visit from Amanda and Wade. Amanda had ordered some Brownies but by mistake put my address on the order, hence the visit. Phone lesson, learnt to speak a message instead of using fingers, but how do you do an emoji? Do you describe what you want or leave it out? Put Amanda to use. She opened the bleach and buster tops. Should have asked her to change the time on the kitchen clock but I forgot to ask. Postman arrived with the Brownies, Amanda and Wade went home.

28 March 2021

Odd day. I felt I had been asleep all day, with this clock business, losing an hour, upsets my system. I kept looking at my wind-up clocks. They are still an hour behind, can’t wait for them to stop. It’s off-putting not knowing the proper time.

29 March 2021

Rocky was supposed to have his tooth operation today but it’s been changed to Tuesday instead. Let’s hope he will feel better. One of our Alphabet Team Members, Mary, it’s her birthday today. Happy Birthday Mary

30 March 2021

Last night retired to bed at 11.30pm, the moon was large and bright. According to the papers it’s a ‘Worm Moon’. Can’t remember what it does to the worms. Perhaps it gets them moving to the top of the grass, ready for the bird’s supper. Update on Rocky: two teeth removed and is now eating well.

31 March 2021

Just wanted to put the record straight. Barbara said it was bad manners of her not texting happy birthday to me. It wasn’t. We don’t do birthdays, only Christmas. Up and until last year I didn’t know when Barbara’s birthday was. I know it is August, date unknown. I thought it may be 12th, 18th, 27th or 28th and Barbara did text the next day. Well I’m off to bed and off to town tomorrow. Cheerio!

Thank you Catherine for an entertaining Diary. Look forward to the next one. Today’s ‘Headliner’ is a photograph of Catherine’s Italian nephew, drinking tea by his row of British tea towels.

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  1. Hello,I am confused, I am not sure who is writing about what on this Virtual Tea Towel Museum blog? Is it a personal diary always by the same person about their life or is it supposed to make sense with the tea towel illustration?


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