Catherine’s Diary (47): 2 to 14 April 2021


It seems to be a regular pattern these days, receiving two separate envelopes from Catherine on the same day. The first is addressed to “Isabella (if they had a Mensa for cats, would it be called Pawensa?” On the back of the envelope is “No answers for you Isabella. One crossword you can win another cookery book. Good luck Isabella”. Isabella never won the previous competition so Liz has entered today. The second envelope, addressed to me, says “The Tipex is a boon, might have to buy another bottle soon! I have listened to your remarks about dates. Dates are good, getting there aren’t I? Thank you to the Postal Workers.

2 April 2021

Amanda and Wade came round. Wade put the shed door upright. Need a new door, though I’m not too bothered, nothing worth stealing. Wade also put my kitchen clock right. My wind-up ones have stopped at last so I am able to put them right. Amanda bought my joint of beef today. It was supposed to be for Easter Sunday but decided to cook it today. I tested my new knife sharpener. What a dream. The meat I sliced was beautifully done. Quiet Easter, mowed the back lawn. On Sunday, Sue invited me to sit in her garden, had tea and biscuits. It was a really warm day and it broke the afternoon up.

5 April 2021

I have gone ‘Emoji Mad’. Can’t stop using them. Amanda asked if I could do a sentence, that made sense, with Emojis. As yet I only do three-word sentences. Barbara, Amanda and Mary joined in with replies; I found myself curling up with laughter. I’ve found not all phones are compatible. Carole (Amanda’s friend), her Emojis come to my phone in question marks. (Personally, I never use Emojis but I would have to say that Catherine is extremely imaginative in her use of Emojis, not just a ‘Thumbs Up’)

6 April 2021

Amanda picked me up and took me for my second vaccination, not as busy today. I saw Pat, a friend who I used to work with, years ago. I hadn’t seen her for a long time. We used to meet on a Friday with another friend (Wendy) for coffee. Miss them days! This time I didn’t feel the injection going in. I actually asked the lady if she had done it. Then home, no side effects this time, like a sore arm or tiredness

8 April 2021

Phone call from the Tax Department, voice telling me I had a fraud claim under my name. I was asked to press a number and, if I didn’t, someone would come and arrest me shortly. Luckily I didn’t press anything but I understand how people would do it. I rang Amanda and Mary for reassurance that I did the right thing and turned the phone off. The second scare of the day was ‘the phone’ again. I plugged it into charge. The squares on the screen all started wobbling and on the square corners were circles with + and – on them and they were wobbling. Tried pressing the squares, nothing happened. I was thinking ‘How will Amanda get in touch with me and vice versa?’ Then I thought of Wade, in for a penny in for a pound, turned the phone off (as Wade said). After a couple of minutes, turned it back on and everything was back to normal. Thank goodness.

9 April 2021

Yes, I did have a cry over the Duke of Edinburgh’s passing, as I think it brought back memories of Bruce. I thought Bruce would like a change of scenery so I bought him downstairs and put him on the bookcase with his favourite Muppet, Elmo, who is at least two foot tall, but looks comfortable sitting there as well. Plus the bookcase had a good polish.

10 April 2021

Amanda and Wade came round and I treated us to a Chinese Takeaway. It was lovely, plus being together in this house.

11 April 2021

Quiet day but I received a surprise present from Amanda in the afternoon, via Amazon. A box of Coffee Cream Chocolates by Beech’s. They didn’t last long, I’m afraid. I love Coffee Cake, Coffee Icing, Coffee Ice Cream, Coffee Chocolates but I’m not a coffee drinker. I prefer tea.

12 April 2021

Today I did another chicken casserole, but put one of my homemade Leek and Potato Soups in. What a difference it made. I’ll do this again. Had a text from Boots to say my tablets were in. I like getting a text from them as they include my middle name. Isn’t it odd we get given a middle name but they are never used? (I had to Text Catherine to find out what her middle name was).

13 April 2021

Phoned the doctors to arrange a blood test for the blood thinners. Takes ages to get through as you have to listen to two automated voices about COVID-19, then what button you need to press to get to the Receptionist. Got there in the end. 5 May at 10.30am

14 April 2021

Up earlier to put the bins out, garden rubbish day as well, fed the Gang and myself, did some washing. Gave all my Wheelie Bin lids a wash because I believe my footpath is a flyover for birds, keeping dropping their poop. Well, I’m done. Cheerio! (Who would ever think of washing the Wheelie Bin lids. “Life’s too short to stuff a mushroom” as Shirley Conran said in 1975)

There is absolutely no reason why the picture at the top of the Diary is of a line of washing of tea towels from the Radical Tea Towel Company, except for the fact that I like it.

One thought

  1. I get a text from Boots once a month to say my prescription is ready. They changed one month to include my middle name as well and that’s carried on ever since.


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