Catherine’s Diary (48): 14 to 21 April 2021


I am going to start with a couple of comments people have sent in about Catherine’s Diary (47). @lizmac307 said “Good diary. Catherine is so positive and witty” followed by Hazel, referring to Catherine’s comments about the use of her middle name by Boots on her prescription texts, who said “I get a text from Boots once a month to say my prescription is ready. They changed one month to include my middle name as well and that’s continued every since”. I have to say my texts from Boots always have my middle name but never a surname. Bizarre.

Two envelopes as usual this week. The one for Isabella the Cat has two crossword puzzles this week. Liz will help Isabella again, in the hope of winning a cook book. The second one, for me, on the back of the envelope, said “Sorry, letters getting shorter. Tipex doing well. Thank you Postal Workers”. This week Catherine has specifically requested A Hanging of Tea Towels as the ‘Headliner’ because she was so taken with last week’s picture. This one is of Sue’s late mother-in-law’s tea towels that she gave to me last week. I love them.

14 April 2021

Chiropodist came. He ‘nicked’ my big toe. I thought it was going to bleed, which I don’t need. (Catherine is on ‘blood thinners’).

15 April 2021

To town to pick up medication from Boots. They still ask about my health and the pills I am taking. I wasn’t looking forward going into town, now they have lifted the restrictions. I was right, it’s madness up there, a free-for-all. No social distancing, walking where they like. Really happy to get home. There are also supposed to be marshals in the town but didn’t see any. Exhausted by the expedition. After lunch, me and Tinker went for a catnap. This evening I watched Kate Humble on her programme ‘Escape to the Farm’. Make a soup she suggested. I was not drawn to it; it was too green (onion, leek, spinach, kale, potatoes and nettles). Prepared my ‘L’ words for tomorrow’s Alphabet Challenge and went to bed.

16 April 2021

Sue and I took a trip to Sainsbury, bit of a walk from the bus stop but it’s not near the town. I bought something I’ve never bought, or cooked, before, a gammon joint, so many ‘firsts’. Will update later. I have had plenty of advice on how to cook it.

17 April 2021

I watched Prince Philip’s funeral, two favourite hymns of mine were played: ‘I vow to thee my country’ and ‘Jerusalem’. I always shed a tear.

18 April 2021

Update on the gammon: proud of myself, I cooked it in the oven in liquid (small amount) with onions and carrots. It was superb (another ‘first’ to do again). Next weekend, it’s Delia’s Kedgeree in my delivery. I received Smoked Haddock by mistake, much too salty for Tilly, Tinker and Blackie. They like Haddock cooked in the oven with a little bit of oil and butter. I used to poach it in milk. The Alphabet Challenge is ‘M’. Christopher had done his usual countries, all 22 plus flags! I texted Barbara asking ‘What sort of phone tells you what flag goes with what country?’. Barbara said that if I type in a country name then the Emoji of a flag comes up. And it did. So your phone, Christopher, isn’t as special as I thought it was! Also when someone sends a message the phone pings, then two minutes later it pings again. Is it telling me to hurry up and read the message or what? (No, it’s just being really, really annoying)

19 April 2021

Very lazy morning, though I have done my chores, not dressed until 12pm. I did get the lawn mower out, but it didn’t get motivated! In the afternoon, I had an unexpected call from Sue, inviting me for tea and cake in the back garden. I also took her half the leftover gammon. I know I could put some in the freezer but I wanted to share it with her.

20 April 2021

Sitting this morning having my tea, a bird banged on my window and flopped on the table. He stirred a bit then went on his side. I went outside and put an upturned bucket over him, just in case any cat came along. After a while, I also covered him with paper so he wouldn’t get sunstroke. By 12pm no movement so I guessed he had died. Three people gave me advice about what to do with him, went for the third option. I wrapped him in paper then put him in a white bag then put that bag in an M&S one, then gently lowered him into my bin. He or she was a pretty bird. I said “God bless”. I was worried in case he was out looking for food for his chicks, they would be dependent on him.

Motivated this afternoon and mowed the lawn and I did some weeding. Had also to do some emergency watering, flowers starting to droop. Got the bucket out and watered the plants, can’t lose my Peony that Wade dug up and moved.

21 April 2021

Up early. 6am to the melodic sounds of cat sick; as of 7.30am still not found it. I’ve kept the curtains shut so the birds don’t think it’s a route through. Don’t want another bird banging on my window. 9.30am came upon the cat sick, or my foot did, on a stair. I reckon it belonged to Tinker, dark and long. Tilly’s is normally spread out and light in colour. OMG, I’m getting to be an expert on cat sick.

Thank you Catherine for an entertaining Diary, although I think the description of cat sick, while probably accurate, was a bit too much as I typed this early in the morning!!

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