Eunice’s Tea Towel Story

If you have read Isaac’s Tea Towel Story, then you need to understand that Eunice is Isaac’s great grandmother.  I like a family story!

I have known Eunice for many years but more recently have shared meals with her, and my friend Gwyneth, just before Christmas.  They were really enjoyable events.  When I asked Gwyneth to be a Guest Tea Towel, avoiding the request herself, she cleverly talked to her mother about some of her favourite tea towels.  This is the tale that Eunice told her daughter:


”Eunice is seen with one of her favourite tea towels, representing memories of some 50 years in Guiding.  Eunice began her work in Brownies and Guides in 1960s and continues as a member of the Trefoil Guild.  (The Trefoil Guild celebrates it’s 75th birthday this year but doesn’t have a celebratory tea towel to commemorate the event!) This tea towel reminds her of many years supporting the Children’s Inn, Rowarth, Derbyshire.  This little house has been the base for the pack holidays, outdoor cooking, hiking, observing and children taking part in the rhythms of nature around them.

Alongside that, there were many chores to do in working together.  Evenings were brought to a close with camp fire songs, stories and lots of washing up, drying the pots and being prepared for the adventures of the next day.  Fond memories for Eunice as an International Guider”.


”Eunice second tea towel was brought back from a holiday of a lifetime, Moscow 1972.  Yes, it is used, it’s washed, ironed and comes out again to dry the pots (after all, that’s what they are for).  It reminds Eunice of her time in Moscow as part of a Fire Brigade trip to that far place of which she had only dreamed.  She visited Red Square, St Basil’s Cathedral, the mysteries of the Underground Railway and her dream of dreams, the Bolshoi Ballet.  Sadly, Eunice’s husband Trevor passed away two years later.  This little tea towel reminds her of a much treasured time”


Thank you Eunice for sharing your memories.  I always like hearing the stories that tea towels remind people of.  They should be recorded and become part of the Virtual Tea Towel Museum, a social history.

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