Catherine’s Diary (20)


“On the TV, I keep hearing this quote and I don’t know what film it is from.  Do you know?  It’s ‘Who’s the man; I’m the man’.  It’s driving me crazy not knowing”.  This was a note written on the back of the sealed envelope that Catherine’s Diary (20) arrived in.  Sorry Catherine, absolutely no idea.  Today’s Diary is showing the beginning of the loosening of ‘Lockdown’ and how careful, and scared, people are.

Because of Catherine’s reference to tea I have chosen my Yorkshire Tea tea towel .

“No dates, no times.  Are you pleased Barbara‽

Yes, I know, I go on a bit but this notepaper is irritating: wide lines on one side, no lines on the other side.  Recently, on one Saturday, I spent the day with my friend Wendy (we used to work together, years ago) and her beautiful Border Collie, Tess.  Amanda gave me a lift there, the furthest I’ve been , 3½ Miles.  It was great to go out and be with a friend ‘in the flesh’; though we talk on the phone regularly, we still had a lot to talk about.  I had Tess on the chair with me, I had my arm round her shoulders and she looked as if she was smiling at me.  I had a lovely day.  I came home in a Black Cab, a plastic screen behind the driver and I paid ‘contactless’.  I felt safe in there and will use them again.  Quite an achievement for me, pleased I did it.  When I left, Wendy gave me some home-grown rhubarb.  I cooked it in orange juice and lots of sugar; it was still tart, my cheeks seemed to get sucked in.  When I ate it I put salted caramel ice cram on it, much better.  It’s good for the constitution!

Monday was tea and cake with Vivienne and Michael, a regular Monday afternoon date now.  Vivienne and Michael are interested in history and have visited all the Heritage sites in UK; they have lots of books and photographs of them.  I remember my Dad taking me to some of these old houses, being young I didn’t find them all that interesting.  He used to take Christopher and I to the Tate Gallery, afterwards we’d go somewhere for tea.  I think that must have been the highlight; memories get vague these days.

Friday was ‘Waterboard Day’ to try and find my leak, as I was using enough water for 16 people.  The leak was in the front garden, new pipe put in.  They weren’t there very long; have to wait 10 days then someone comes and fills the hole in and they put grass seed down.  One of my plants had to be dug up but I didn’t mind as I didn’t care for it.  I stripped most of it and half-filled my lovely bin up.  I sawed two branches but then gave up, arm aching, try again tomorrow.

Of course, the best news is while the Waterboard was here, Amanda and Wade came to keep me company.  Amanda hasn’t been in my house for four months.  I was so happy to see her here and we played ‘Rummicub’, a numbers game.  I lost as usual, brain not fast with numbers but I enjoyed playing it.

Things are looking up on ‘The Jeremy Vine Show’, a live panel, but only two guests, well spaced out.   Is ‘Lockdown’ over?  People are being told to go back to work.  I asked Amanda if I could go to a ‘Marks’ in August and she said “we’ll see”.  I’d also like to go to a ‘Card Shop’.  This month I’ll be giving letters instead of cards.

Barbara sent me 4 recipes to make.  I tried the Corfe Castle Rock Cakes; they went in the oven as ‘rocks’, came out as flattish moulds!  Still delicious and even more tasty was the uncooked mixture.  Instead of doing 8 cakes I only managed 6.  Tuesday it is Cheesy Biscuits.

Delivery on Sunday.  I must own Sainsburys.  There were so many bags, admittedly they were small, not much in them.  I am stocking up on household items like kitchen and toilet rolls and spray cleaners etc.  You never know if another ‘spike’ comes.  I don’t want to be left behind.  I said to Amanda that it will take a couple of hours to sort them out.  I got plenty of cat food of course.  I have given PG Tips the boot; I’ve been with them for 30 years.  Now it’s Yorkshire Tea, nice strong colour and taste, something to get your teeth into.  I also like Twinnings Assam tea.

This is no good, it’s 11.15 am, must have my shower.  It’s Monday, tea at Sue’s today.  Also it’s Bruce’s birthday.  Me and Tilly sang to him.  Bruce is 77 today.  Still have Bruce’s phone and Amanda sent her Dad a birthday message which I thought was lovely.

Tomorrow is a Big Day.  I’m having my long locks shorn, so excited.

See you again soon.



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